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Stain Policy.

Please be advised that NOT all stains can be guaranteed to be removed.


The successful removal of stains depends on the following factors:


  • Type and Duration of Stain.

  • Type of Fabric and the Current Condition of the Garment.


We kindly request you to inform us of any stains that require special attention. While we commit to making our best efforts in treating your garment, it is essential to understand that there is no absolute guarantee that all stains will be completely removed.


In the event of color bleeding, it is important to note that the responsibility lies with the original manufacturer or the place of purchase. We cannot be held responsible for how the garment was dyed or treated prior to our care.


We proudly offer a safe cleaning guarantee, which means that we will process every garment we accept with the utmost care and attention. However, it is imperative to clarify that this guarantee does not imply the complete removal of every stain from every garment. In cases where it is our professional opinion that attempting stain removal would be unsafe or compromise our commitment to safe cleaning, we will cease our stain removal efforts.




Any complaints will be promptly addressed and thoroughly evaluated in accordance with our company policy. Should True Dry Cleaning and Laundry be deemed responsible for any damage based on our assessment, we will take appropriate action, which may include issuing a refund via check or a credit to your account.


Please be aware that the maximum compensation for any claim will not exceed 2.5 times the cost of cleaning. We have put this limit in place to ensure fairness and accountability in our service.

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